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Welcome to Montauk

First experience in Montauk was a blast. Montauk being a quaint tourist town still delivers enough charm to City Dwellers to unwind and relax. As in any beach town, you could blister on the beach, eat plenty of fresh seafood and pretend you were “New Money”. After running in cleaner, ocean-breezed air and pairing a blueberry muffin with some Francis Coppola Cabernet Sauvignon Ivory Label (Eh, don’t bother trying it) I sat with Los, Cindy, Gaius to figure out the day’s plans. We settled on a bike ride and explored Montauk with rented bikes… so many dream homes, so little time. A (legal!) small bonfire finished off our day along with a good friend named Bailey.

But aside from the obvious natural state of elation being in Montauk brought me, my feet were swept over my head when I discovered Screaming Mimi’s, a unique vintage shop (with a first location in the City) with some well thought-out pieces. I wanted to run around the small boutique grabbing sundresses and jewelry, but I completely fell in love when my eyes landed on a necklace with a charm of a mermaid sitting on an anchor. Because of my other love – I am now the proud owner of the charm (see below). Thank you, baby.