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It’s summertime and you know what that means: Foot Judging Season.

You know what I’m talking about. Time for pedicures galore and sandal-wearing. People will judge you by the colors of your toes and the sandals that you don while walking down the streets of the City. So, if you’re looking to shock and awe, and still have some money in your wallet, check out Melissinos Art.com‘s sandals. So many of the styles mirror this season’s horrific gladiator sandals trend and yet still have simplicity that the gladiators don’t. And if gladiators are your thing, well they have those too. By the way, these sandals claim to be unisex, however I have a hard time seeing guys latching onto this style.

As for your bubbly toes, slap on any of Essie’s new summer colors. If these are a little too loud for you, then let me introduce you to Risky Business – my summer inspirational color. It’s bright orange, but sheer with a little bit of a glitter to it, which gives it a toned-down feel compared to its summer sister, Mini Shorts.

All I know is that I hate socks and I love summer. Bring on Foot Judging Season!

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