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In celebration of the summer solstice, I decided to take everything the City gave me: Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, Brooklyn and then back into the City for yoga in Times Square. Ambitious, I know, but since when has that ever stopped me?

Although it took about an hour to get to Coney Island, the ride was fun since the train ran above ground and you could see Manhattan disappear as you entered Brooklyn. When we reached CI, we walked out to be greeted by Nathan’s Famous and made plans to go there for their famous hot dogs later. Walking on, we reached the boardwalk and started seeing some Mermaid Paraders with nipples covered, but not much else! Yessss. Then the Wheel of Wonder caught our eye with its swinging carts and we couldn’t resist some good old fashioned fun with a twist. Swinging around Coney Island was well worth it and we definitely made some stationary cart’s little Asian girl’s day with swinging around on top of her cart and waving every time we saw her. After the WW, we decided to fill our bellies with Nathan’s and stood in the hot dog line/crowd/rush. It was so worth it. Fueled by lemonade and sauerkraut hot dogs, we ventured out into the crowd for the already-starting parade. Naked mermaiders, beer-bottled mermaiders and butt cheeks, oh my!

With my fill of mermaid paraders, I headed back into Manhattan for my 5 o’clock yoga class in Times Square. “Mind over Madness” Yoga in Times Square was unique. The main area in Times Square was closed down for us yoga-lovers and the sidewalk walkers who watched us. I completed an hour and 15 minute o-flow class which is a modernized vinyasa form of yoga. It was taught by a NY-based yoga instructor named Joschi, owner of Body Bodega in the City. He was great at guiding so many of us with varying yoga levels with words and speakers. We even caused a fender bender with drivers slowing down to watch all the downward facing dog joy. The best thing I got out of th experience was word of mouth working at its best – apparently there’s a yoga studio in town whose costs are on a donation basis. Finally something for us entry level-ers! I can’t wait to check out Yoga to the People and report back!