A few weeks ago, I got the amazing news that I had won two tickets to the free concert Coldplay was including in their 2008 Viva La Vida Tour in Madison Square Garden. Tonight was the highly anticipated night and man, did Coldplay deliver.

The music swam over the crowd of about 13 thousand people throbbing to the band’s trademark light shows during their show. They mostly played tunes off their newest album, but made sure to bring out some classics like “Parachutes” and “Yellow” (both concert musts). Unfortunately, they didn’t get around to my personal favorite, “Shiver”. Coldplay even tried something new, moving off-stage and into the seating area where a microphone awaited them and sang for the audience in the audience.

I think the best thing about the show was that the entire band was completely having fun. Because they footed the bill for MSG, there was no complaining as beggars can’t be choosers. We were all grateful to be there completely free of charge. Our only reason to be there was to enjoy music from a band we love.

New goal: Sit a little closer to the actual band 😀