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This weekend was one of discovery. I went to the Brooklyn Museum to see the Murakami expo (and was even able to sneak in a few photos!) and followed that by a visit to the new IKEA in Red Hook (also a neighborhood in Brooklyn).

First thing’s first, the Murakami expo was awesome, of course. Psycho anime can never be bad. It included some of his more famous works like Dob and his Louis Vuitton designs. Pretty freaking cool. As usual, the Brooklyn Museum was nice, open and friendly.

After the Murakami expo, Gaius and I went on to discover the new IKEA in Red Hook. First off, I discovered Brooklyn Heights, a really awesomely cute neighborhood in Brooklyn and also where the stop Borough Hall is on the 2/3 line if you want to catch the free shuttle to IKEA. We hopped onto the shuttle and off we went. IKEA was insane. Too insane. I’m not sure if it’s just going to stay like that forever since it’s basically Brooklyn and the City’s main IKEA now meaning there will forever be people flocking. Maybe it was just a crazy rat race because it was Saturday afternoon on a long weekend a week after they opened. They were out of stock of the main item i needed there so I will have to go back, but I’m thinking of taking a day off next time and just going around 11am, at my leisure… True to IKEA form, I bought a gazillion little things and spent more than I anticipated but was still ridiculously pleased with the quantity of stuff and their per unit prices. I hope I never grow out of IKEA.