As many of you know, I’ve been “working on my fitness” for the past 2 months now. Luckily, it’s been working out for me and I’ve already lost a good amount of weight. This has involved eating well and exercising (See The Human Race). Because of this lifestyle change, I’ve been ridiculously fond of a quick banana shake for breakfast. It’s delicious and nutritious. Depending on my mood, I’ll use either 1% organic milk or Silk Chocolate Soy milk with my bananas. Right now I favor the soy chocolate milk since I get a good amount of protein in my breakfast from it along with the calcium that milk would give me.

To try it, then:

1. Peel and freeze two large ripe bananas (I personally like to wait until the bananas start getting brown spots before sticking them in the freezer)

2. Blend with 1/2 cup of milk or soy milk or whatever you may enjoy with bananas

Simple two-step instructions! Delicious.