This morning I was able to run 7km without walking.  I’m getting to the 10k mark slowly but surely.  Although a lot of my runs happen as a result of me waking up in the morning and talking/tricking myself into getting into my running clothes, I just know I couldn’t do it without the help of my little friends.  Some recognition needs to go out to those that help:
  • My Spitfire key chain (aka personal bodyguard – ladies, you want to run safely, this thing shoots pepper spray out to 15ft.  I got it at Runner’s World in Columbus Circle)
  • Nike+ (that’s the little white thing… it attaches to my Nano and tracks my progress)
  • My Sennheiser headphones (these are the ONLY ear phones that fit and stay in my little ears… all others have tried and fallen out as soon as I picked up the pace)
  • PodRunner podcast from iTunes (I was a skeptic, but these mixes are decent to good and really keep your heart beating and feet running at a steady upbeat pace)
Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers