I love technology (I mean I work in Search, you have to be to be a tech lover to do that) and I love great design. Today, I was playing catch up on Design*Sponge and fell across this posting on a sexy surge protector.

The best thing about this surge protector is the combination of beauty and brute practicality with the design. I know I have surge protectors all over my apartment since for some reason NYC apartments don’t have many. This WirePod is made by Artecnica and is the first piece in Artecnica’s Wiremore™ collection (they’re going to have more sexy surge protectors?!?). The goal of the Wiremore series is no other than starting a paradigm shift toward power cords and wire from being something you stick under the desk to the first thing you hope your guests notice when they get the grand tour of your place. I know I wouldn’t want to hide this hot wire.