Wine Time:

While in Montauk, I was exposed to a really delectable Riesling (photo above) by Willi Schaefer. It’s a little on the upper level of my price range – low $30s – but completely worth it. When you buy it, let the riesling sit in your mouth for a second before letting enter your throat. It’s the perfect balance of sweetness that a riesling should have. This is officially my favorite summer wine.

Meanwhile, for the times when you’re watching your wallet a little more, I’ve found this perfectly good table wine for the summer – Renee Junot. Nothing fancy, but incredibly decent for the price. An actual good table wine in the US… I didn’t know those existed until now. I’ve only tried the white wine for the summer, but I plan on checking out the red when in the fall and winter, when the weather warrants something more heart warming. At about $8 for a liter, definitely experiment with this wine. I’ve already added mulberry liqueur to make my own version of a kir. Next step, summertime sangria.