The Mid-Manhattan Library, located on 40th St and 5th Ave – NOT the famous building with the lions (which is a Humanities and Social Sciences reference library only, for those with curious minds). The Mid-Manhattan Library is the largest lending library in the New York Public Library system. Equipped with an abundance of DVDs, this means no NetFlix as far as I’m concerned. Why pay if I can request library DVDs online, go pick them up (it’s only a short distance away from my office), and watch them at home. Netflix would be the exact same thing, except I would be paying for it. I’ve already watched “Days of Glory” – a movie, by the way – and have a few others lined up for pick up today. Best of all, this branch allows you to visit its three floors of undisputed beauty seven days a week. Growing up in Miami, there was never a library open on Sundays, but that doesn’t stop New York. The Mid-Manhattan branch is so important that it stays open on Sunday from 1-5pm. In other words, those lazy Sundays will now have the opportunity to be occupied with movies from the library, because who really gets moving on Sunday before 1pm anyway? Mid-Manhattan library, you are in my heart. And a quick thanks to wallyg for posting this photo on Flickr of my new 2nd home.