As a lover of all that is food, my Fairway discovery made my day earlier this week. Fairway is not for the faint of heart. As soon as you walk in, it’s a whirlwind of food. Big food, little food, red food, blue food. Food to your right, food to your left. I was half expecting food to be hanging from the ceiling if I looked up. Now imagine all the food I just described and add a couple of people for every fruit, drink, and vegetable and you have the feel of Fairway. I walked in because I love grocery stores. I walked out knowing that I should never go in there without a mission again. Fairway is amazing. Their produce is fresh, the variety vast, but walk in and you’ve entered a war zone. Little old ladies that have the floor space memorized seem to pop out of nowhere and run over your freshly painted toe nails with their grocery carts. Little kids run around high on sugar. Young couples bicker over what olive oil to buy. ALL of them stop you from getting in their way and will not hesitate to knock you over if you are seeming to try and skip them in line. Fairway, I hope to see you again soon.