This weekend I was introduced to the state of Rhode Island.  I had the pleasure and luxury of staying with friend’s families while I was there so I like to think that my experience was that of real Rhode Island.  None of that tourist stuff (although I was able fit some in, I HAD to have some true New England clam chowder and clam cakes!).

Anyway, the weekend was lovely.  Saturday morning we went blueberry picking.  Meanwhile, the weather up here is abnormally cool right now.  From what people tell me August is supposed to be sweltering heat, not cool breezes.  We took advantage of the times and went out on Matt’s family’s boat as our mode of transportation to East Beach.  The sun was out but not bothersome since the wind kept us from getting overly sweaty. The water was a little on the cold side, but I still had to jump in for a swim.  You can take the girl out of Miami, but you can’t take the Miami out of the girl.  The ocean is my home.

Saturday night I got to experience authentic New England clam chowder as well as clam cakes along with it.  I’m usually not a fan of creamier soups and when I do try them out, I lean toward bisques more than chowders.  We got it from a small self-standing take-out place called Monahans.  You stepped up to the take-out window and then waited around for them to pour it for you.  No frills, just some picnic tables on the side.  This chowder was SO GOOD!  Ultra creamy (Weight Watchers told me how bad it was for me later… still… so worth it!) and still a nice clam taste.  Now, the clam cakes.  Think of a ball of dough.  Now insert a small, miniscule bit of clam and stick in the center.  Now take that ball and deep fry it.  You have yourself a clam cake.  I could only have two before deciding it was too much to handle and just focus on the chowder.  Ever since I’ve started Weight Watchers, my ability for junk food intake has decreased immensely (I’m not complaining 🙂 ).

Sunday morning I had a good old fashioned American brunch at The Gentleman Farmer, a cheap eat in Richmond, RI.  Tasted this coffee milk.  It’s exactly what the name implies – coffee flavored milk – a Rhode Island specialty apparently.  Not bad at all, but I could live without it.  The rest of the day was just chill.  Reading outside.  Sun in the sky.  I love summertime.