Lately I’ve really been passionate about what I put into my body. With my weight loss plan, I have been very aware of what I eat and drink. I’ve been semi-obsessed with peanut butter and I would buy organic thinking it would be healthier. One thing I noticed was that whenever I would buy organic, the label would tell me to refrigerate after opening. I always thought that was a little weird and today I was able to find the answer on a Weight Watchers article about peanut butter:

Nutritionally, organic is comparable to conventional peanut butter with the exception of sodium if there’s no salt added, but there are other factors to consider. Peanuts are prone to a fungus that produces a carcinogen called aflatoxin, which continues to multiply even in the jar. The fungicide-free peanuts in organic peanut butter may have higher levels of aflatoxin than conventional, especially if the jar’s been on the shelf for a while, but organic farmers claim that their farming methods naturally reduce the amount of fungus to begin with. In other words: The jury’s still out. If you do buy organic, make sure you’re buying from a store with a high turnover and refrigerate it immediately — cold retards aflatoxin’s growth. A recent study found the highest levels of aflatoxin in freshly ground peanut butter from health food stores, so buy jarred to be safe.

Photo taken by Amanda – Slow like honey. Check out her other photos on her Flickr page.