On Wednesday I received an email from Free NYC stating that Cooper Union was hosting neurologist Oliver Sacks to speak about the relationship between music and the brain.  He (obviously) laid out his presentation in layman’s terms for us non-doctoral listeners. This ended up becoming an array of interesting stories about how different people have dealt with music in their lives.  One of the most compelling stories he told relayed back to his past book-turned-movie Awakenings. Sacks told us about how music would make advanced Parkinsons patients in the Bronx literally come to life. These are people that would not be able to move an inch voluntarily, but as soon as a song that the patients recognized and connected to, they would start to dance.

Below are two videos that were actually sections of the speech he presented on Wednesday:

Musicophilia – Music Therapy and Parkinson’s

Musicophila – Brainworms