An article today in Ad Age, confirmed what I was alluding to in past posts. Rupal Parekh writes:

After seeing ratings dwindle for several seasons, “Saturday Night Live” is back to being buzzworthy, and NBC has none other than Republican vice presidential nominee and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to thank for it.

Weekend after weekend a born-to-play-the-part Tina Fey has brought back viewers to the show — first with the “I can see Russia from my house!” skit along side Amy Poehler’s Hillary Clinton, then the Katie Couric interview spoof, and this past weekend’s parody of the VP debate against Democratic nominee Sen. Joe Biden.

The 33-year-old show’s ratings are going through the roof as a result, up more than 40% over last year, and in the last week alone up 23%, with an estimated 10 million viewers, Nielsen Media Research says. The show is decidedly capitalizing on the election frenzy overall, and starting this week will take the “Weekend Update” sketch to prime time on Thursday.

At a rally yesterday in the key battleground state of Florida, Ms. Palin finally made her public comment about Ms. Fey’s parody, saying: ‘I was just trying to keep Tina Fey in business,’ adding that she is providing ‘job security for ‘SNL’ characters.’ ”

I think it’s great at SNL is blasting back and that Tina Fey – because let’s be real, they wouldn’t be blasting back if she had said no thanks to playing Palin – is blessing them with her presence. I’m not complaining. It just adds even more entertainment that watching the real Palin already provides so amply.