I read an Ad Age article today called “Kindle Offers Glimpse of ROI on Oprah” by Abbey Klaassen

Apparently, Oprah mentioned how much she liked using Amazon’s Kindle, its electronic reader, on Oct. 24th. The impact of those words are undeniable through search and monitoring the online space.

“6% = The amount Amazon’s visits were up Oct. 24, the day Oprah endorsed Kindle on her show, over the previous Friday, according to Hitwise.  While Hitwise doesn’t report actual site visits, Amazon is a top-20 internet site — so a 6% bump can translate into hundreds of thousands of visitors.”

“479% = The bump in search traffic for the word “kindle” the day Oprah threw her support behind the product, according to Google Insights. It went up even more on Saturday.”

You can see this spike around Oct. 24th using Google Trends, a tool from Google Labs that shows the most popularly searched terms from the beginning of 2004 to now.

Google Trends and Kindle

Google Trends and Kindle