Last Saturday I saw a play at the Public Theater in the East Village called Taking Over. Taking Over was more than I thought it would be.  Danny Hoch, the writer-performer for the play, was amazing. The play was a series of monologues that demonstrated the different points of view on gentrification in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I don’t want to say much more, because I’d rather you go and see it yourself.

Public Theater synopsis:

“Hip-hop theater pioneer Danny Hoch storms The Public stage once again to chronicle the current state of gentrification of New York City. Blazing through a fierce spectrum of New Yorkers, Danny gives voice to everyone from the developers evicting locals to make way for lofts, to the bar-hopping career hipsters who buy them, and those left in the wake of both. True to Danny’s signature style, Taking Over is a raw, explosive, hilarious, and heartbreaking study of the impact of our obsession with economic expansion.”

Taking Over