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I have gotten to the point where I just read too much material online. This doesn’t mean I’m “blogged out”, oh no. It’s more like I needed an organization method. Something that made it easy for me to keep up with my favorite blogs, my sources of inspiration and sometimes admiration, and mostly for news. I haven’t done too much research seeing as there are other blog organizers out there, like Bloglines, etc. I decided to give Google Reader a shot because I already have a Gmail account and it would allow me to share with my friends who also use Reader. And it is awesome. I’m still playing around with tags and folders in order to make it easy for me to know what blogs I’m looking at and why, but it’s already helped so much in terms of being able to see content that matters to me in a timely manner. I may venture off to another blog organizer eventually, but for now Google Reader is working for me rather well.

google reader