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Marketing guru Seth Godin is offering an alternative

6 months of his brain, his projects, his office…

For free.

I’m interested in seeing what sorts of people will bite at this opportunity and also whether or not Godin gets enough qualified candidates to actually go through with the program (he calls this his “out”, if he doesn’t feel like he got a qualified applicant pool, then this idea will get put off to be tried again another day). I enjoy the idea that this opportunity could begin a trend that solidifies what we all hope to be true – the paper we call a diploma is just that… a paper. Nothing beats good quality experience.

Hopefully Godin will find qualified applicants and document online how the process goes.

What do you think about this venture? Would you view it as a replacement for an MBA or just as a career-changing internship?

Let Us Inside Your Head!

Let Us Inside Your Head!