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On Treehugger today an article featured Ciclus, a Spanish design firm, that has produced a unique holiday gift for Spanish waste management and consulting firm Grupo Hera. Grupo Hera asked Ciclus to produce a gift with the theme of turning waste into resources. Ciclus delivered: a wine case that turns into a lamp that turns into recyclable waste. Ciclus took the cava bottles meant as gifts and made a carrying case that could be reused as a lamp. The case comes with the lamp and electric plug in a compartment at one end of the case that can be pulled out in order to put together the lamp.

The concept is simple. The cava case consists of two layers in which the interior layer is the actual wine carrier, while the outer layer turns into the lamp. The inner layer consists of two packages: one to hold the cava bottle and one to hold the bulb and electric line. Nothing is wasted as the small compartment turns into the base of the lamp. The following photos show the wine case/lamp-making process:

Wine Case/Lamp

Opening the case

The case/lamp and its instructions

Opening the interior case

Cava in the interior case

Unhinging the compartment containing the bulb and electric plug

This compartment turns into the base of the lamp

The base of the lamp acts as a compartment for the plug and bulb

The smaller compartment acts as storage as well as the base of the lamp

Unlit lamp

Lit lamp