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Chris Brogan Headshots

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the social media influencers of the industry, Chris Brogan is a social media circle all star. He’s personable, he’s smart, and most of all, he’s relatable.

I’ve often thought about what makes him more relatable than the next social media guru. Is it the fact that he seems to post at least seven times a day on his blog, so you always think he’s around? Or maybe it’s because his Twitter account may as well be on fire with his gazillion and one updates? No.

I’m starting to think Chris is relatable because he’s constantly taking photos of himself and posting them online. I don’t mean he’s got a Flickr account just for his photos. I mean every other day, I seem to see a new photo of Chris Brogan’s mug as his profile picture online:

Chris Brogan smiling. Chris Brogan being pensive. Chris Brogan’s face from the left. Chris Brogan’s face from the right. Chris Brogan with a 5 o’clock shadow. Chris Brogan without facial hair. Chris Brogan with his hair tousled. Chris Brogan getting his lights punched out by his kid. You know, the usual.

Chris Brogan’s even talked about the importance of facial recognition in blog posts, stating that people relate more to the topic of his posts if he’s got a face attached to it… on his posts, it’s usually not his own face, it’s the face of someone who’s got something to do with his post. What he doesn’t seem to realize is that constantly updating HIS face is allowing for all the more facial recognition for himself. Or maybe he does realize it…

What are your thoughts on personal photos being tied into your online presence? Is consistency important? Is professionalism important? Is this post just a load of crock and I should stop reading into these sorts of things?