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I'm Impressed

What can I say? I’m really impressed. Saturday morning I wrote about Chris Brogan‘s face and how it’s ever-changing on the web. I called him out on Twitter and he responded positively. He knows what he’s doing when he changes his photo every other day.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when the following morning I lazily turn on my laptop and sip some honey vanilla chamomile tea only to see Brogan announcing a Tweetup in NYC at the Roger Smith Hotel at 1pm. I called up G and we decided this was going to be my big day to meet Brogan offline as well as his first experience with Tweeple. We had an awesome time while at the Roger Smith Hotel, but I digress.

Chris introduced me to Rob Blatt. Rob and I started chatting about social media and I confessed my minor (ok, major) obsession and he casually added “Oh are you going to Soshecom on Tuesday?”

Soshecom? What’s that? Ohhhh it’s spelled S-o-c-c-o-m-m…. Stands for Social Communications Summit…. Uh huh… No, I don’t know anything about it.

And then Rob did an amazing thing. A thing that social communication aims to do. He said “Well I’m going on scholarship and I can’t make it. If you’re interested I’ll talk with Jeff Pulver and see if you can go in my place.”


Did I hear that correctly?

Did you just offer your ticket to a social media conference to moi?

Yes! I want to go to there!

Rob contacted Jeff. Jeff gave the ok. I talked to my work people. I took today off. And there. Twitter led me to a day bursting at the seams with social media. Amazing.

For those of you who are absolutely inspired and want to get to know Rob more, follow him, he’s a pretty cool guy. End of story. More to come on my cool day later.