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Imagine over 200 adults (all over 21 due to the venue) simultaneously getting lifted by an overdose of sugar via cupcakes and alcohol and then crashing into a content comatose state. That was my Friday night at my very first Cupcake Camp NYC event. Although I held back cupcake-tasting-wise, I nevertheless had an enormous amount of fun at the event.

Cupcake Camp NYC couldn’t have happened without Mary Ann Porch, who organized the whole event and has take the time to answer a few questions for our inspiration… Enjoy!

1. So, Mary Ann Porch, who are you and what do you do?
I’m a freelance public relations consultant, and funnily enough, my day  job has nothing to do with food. I work for technology companies, but I’d love to score some more food-related clients too.  It’s obviously my passion. I have my own pastry and dessert blog – Puff and Choux and am trying to become more engrossed in the local food community.  I’m a volunteer at the CENYC Green Markets, and since CupcakeCamp, have grown more of an interest in grassroots organizing.

I’m a native Oklahoman, graduate of the University of Kansas (and a proud Kansas Jayhawks fan!), and spent time in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Sydney, Australia.  But New York is home, for now.

2. How on EARTH did you come up with Cupcake Camp NYC?
I was online and if I recall correctly, I believe Twitter led me to CupcakeCamp.  I had just launched my food blog, Puff and Choux, and I was looking for people in the food community on Twitter to follow.  I somehow came across CupcakeCamp, and the name peaked my interest. I went to CupcakeCamp.org, and read up on the events in San Francisco and thought “Hey, I can do this too.”  Also, I had just been laid off from my job, and I wanted something to keep me productive so I didn’t spend my day just staring at Craig’s List job postings.

I got in touch with the girls at Cupcakes Take the Cake to see if they had heard of CupcakeCamp and to see if one had already been held in New York. I learned from them that New York hadn’t hosted the event yet, and it was then and there that I decided to make it my project.

3. Will there be future Cupcake Camps in NYC?
There will most definitely be more CupcakeCamps in New York.  I’m already thinking about new forums for the event, so it’s only a matter of time until I throw it into high gear and really start planning CupcakeCamp NYC 2.0.

4. Anything you wish to add?
The thing I loved most about organizing CupcakeCamp NYC was getting to see the enthusiasm of people wanting to help out and attend.  Throughout the whole planning process, I saw a really awesome side of New Yorkers, so it was a great exercise in renewing my faith in this city as a great place to live.

Thanks so much for your time and dedication to cupcake-loving New Yorkers, Mary Ann!

Want to get to know the beautiful Mary Ann better? Follow her on Twitter as @MaryAPorch.