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You’re living in NYC and just can’t handle staring at the blank walls of your converted 2 bedroom while trying to come up with that perfect logo for your client that just won’t stop emailing you. You haven’t had human contact in about three weeks other than asking varying cart-men for coffee, soup, street meat, whatever your choice of poison is for that hour. You’ve been watching your toenails grow while hoping discreetly that someone will rob your apartment so that you can have someone with whom to chat about last night’s rerun of NCIS.

Cabin fever happens. And if you’re a freelancer, job-seeker and/or consultant with the need to interact with others or just a change of scenery, then look no further.

Here’s where to go in New York City FOR FREE:



Meet at the Apartment is now holding First Mondays throughout during the summer months, free of charge. For those of you unfamiliar with Meet, just check out their site and realize that it’s the perfect opportunity to feel a lot cooler than you really are. The space is beautifully designed. According to SwissMiss, speakers and specialists will be giving seminars on topics such as self-branding, job hunting and blogging.

Once you’re there, you’ll also be privy to: Free WiFi, coffee in the AM, snacks and beverages in the PM, power outlets to keep your laptops happy, plus any and all the office supplies you could ever possibly need (Post-It addicts, this one’s for you).

The first meetup will be Monday, May 4th 2009 from 9am-6pm. Email hello@welcometomeet to receive more information.


Lab 24/7 an open space that is free for creative thinkers and entrepreneurs alike to get together and work on their projects. The Lab will be open every Friday beginning today and you just need to answer three simple questions in order to be considered for unlimited access. Perks include an awesome space, WiFi, a printer and the occasional happy hour. Lab 24/7 is located in Brooklyn off the A train.

Also, side note, since today is Lab 24/7 first Friday, there will be a open happy hour there in celebration! See you there!

Here’s where to go in New York City FOR MONEY:

New Work City “We’re the gathering spot for a community of like-minded individuals who need somewhere to work that’s both creative and social, and professional and conducive to working.” Their space is given out through a membership ranging from $25/month to $550/month.

Treehouse “Treehouse is a creative, sustainable, and energetic hive for design professionals. Located at 33 Flatbush Avenue, in downtown Brooklyn, the space aims for dynamic interconnections between product, graphic, industrial, and web designers.” Space in Treehouse ranges from $20/day to $400/month.

Here’s where to go in New York City FOR FREE CRAFT FUN:

Etsy Labs – I didn’t really know where to put Etsy Labs, but felt it necessary to give it a shout out. For those of you who are creatives with a penchant for handmade things, Etsy Labs is here. Monday nights are Craft Nights and you can sign up, bring your supplies and get a free class on everything from making your own soap and lip balm to sock monkeys. Give your Mac and CS3 a break and get some handmade therapy!