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Quick rant: Why doesn’t anyone else seem to have a problem with our country’s constant stream of salmonella outbreaks?

Doesn’t it make you think? Doesn’t it make you realize that there’s something wrong with our food system? It’s over the most random food categories and it’s freaking me out.

Here are the salmonella outbreaks over the last year:

April 2009: Alfalfa Sprouts Linked to Salmonella

March 2009: Pistachios Subject of Newest Salmonella Scare

February 2009: All Peanut Butter Products From Texas Plant Recalled

July 2008: Jalapeño Pepper Tests Positive for Salmonella

July 2008: Latest suspect in salmonella outbreak: Fresh salsa

June 2008: Tomato salmonella outbreak hits 167 people in US

Photo credit: privatenobby