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This last week, I discovered even more of a reason to love Yoga to the People: hot yoga classes.

They’ve got two studios, both in midtown and I’ve taken one class at each location.

The first is hot vinyasa yoga on 1017 6th Ave at 38th Street. It’s only $5 if you’ve got your towel and yoga mat with you. I enjoyed the class because it’s so freaking close to my job, but it was definitely a bare essentials sort of environment. Think one mid-sized room, windows, mirrors, one women’s changing room and one small bathroom. That’s it. No more. Guys… You’ll have to be prepared to figure out your changing situation without a changing room. Oh, and did I mention no showers? I had also only ever done Bikram as hot yoga. I actually really enjoyed doing vinyasa in a heated environment. It’s good for someone who is interested in adding a twist to their vinyasa practice. I’ll probably do this class when I only have the time/patience/willpower for a 60-minute class and want to go directly after work.

The second location is tradition hot yoga located at 115 W. 27th Street at 6th Ave. It just opened on April 24th so the class sizes are small since no one really knows about this place yet. Wow! I give this class a 5 star rating! It’s a mere $7 if you come with your mat and towel. For those of us in NYC, we know this is an insane steal since most traditional hot yoga classes are at least $20 per class. I loved the fact that the yoga instructor had us put name tags next to our mats so that she could give us individual direction throughout the class. (Hearing “Nadia, bring those feet together. More, more, more, more!” was really motivating) It was in this really great large studio, complete with showers, bathrooms, changing rooms (two! one for each gender) and lockers. This class is 90 minutes long and it’s a real challenge. I had my heart rate monitor on to see how many calories I lost during the class and I finished at a little past 700 calories! Now, I expect this to go down as time goes on since right now I’m really out of shape and probably burning calories rather quickly.

I’m planning to incorporate a regular yoga practice into my weight loss goals. It’s already worked well so far and I really enjoy it! It’s so satisfying to know that I have the focus and stamina to complete a class. Yoga to the People, you officially have a regular.

Photo Credit:ilikegranola.com