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I need to figure out how to deal with stressful nights and working late. I immediately go for junk and quick fixes. But how do you deal with not having planned to stay late at work? I know you could order out for healthier foods (although I think it’s an oxymoron). I’ve heard that you should just order a healthier choice, eat half of whatever they give you and save the rest for the next day.

The truth is… I’m a nibbler. I nibble. And I don’t stop until the food is gone.

Oh, and did I mention that it was Cinco de Mayo yesterday? Every media vendor on EARTH came to the office to drop off Mexican-esque foods – a true weakness of mine. Who can say no to a bowl full of guac?

So what to do?! Any tips on how to build food discipline? Help!

Photo from This is Why You’re Fat