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I’m really excited because I’m going to see Fresh tonight. Food is a fascination of mine, especially coming from a day and age where so many people consume more food than ever and glorify all homemade and authentic meals, yet don’t seem to care about the processes and methods used by our food industry.

The screening is complete with a panel of folks featured in the movie. According to the Fresh site, the panel to follow the screening includes:
Jacquie Berger (Moderator), Executive Director, Just Food
Dan Barber, Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Blue Hills, Stone Barn (I saw his farm when I went on a Hudson Valley Tour!)
Joan Gussow, Founding member of Just Food, Professor at Columbia University
Joel Salatin, Founder, Polyface Farms
Will Allen, Founder, Growing Power
Josh Viertel, President, Slow Food International
Ana Joanes, Director & Producer of FRESH

So excited!