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Just a few weeks late. Well, this week I was well aware that I hadn’t made smart decisions. I had a friend in town and let’s just say her stay here involved a “dessert tour” that my roommate made up. Ouch, says the scale. You’re hurting me. 151 lbs this week.

I’ve also gotten pretty sick lately and I think it may have to do with my change in diet. Due to sheer convenience, I decided to start eating more frozen meals. You know the type. Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine all those feel-good meals that will fill you up although you’re not sure why it’s so few calories.

Well, I kept it up for two weeks and promptly got sick to my stomach. Between dealing with that this week and seeing Fresh, I’ve found some inspiration. I’m back to spending serious money on food and making weekly treks to obtain fresh foods to consume.

Lesson learned – eating is not convenient. Food takes time to produce and therefore should be treated as something of significant importance. I’m not quite convinced that what I was eating in frozen food ended up being of any nutritional value.