Rusty's Market in Cairns 6-01 (27)

Although I’ve been working on losing weight, one thing remains the same. I love food.

Now I don’t mean this in the quantity manner. I mean this purely in the quality manner. I’m continuing with Weight Watchers online as a means to control portions and be aware of what my food quantity intake is, but I want to start putting an emphasis on what exactly finds its way into my intestines.

The experiment is simple. If I eat fresh foods, I mean real fresh foods, then will I be able to satiate hunger due to sheer quality. I’m convinced the reason why our portion sizes have gotten so big in the USA, is because the quality of the food has gotten progressively worse. Therefore it takes more to be able to feel like you ate.

Testing starts this summer as I begin making weekly trips to varying farmer’s marketing in Manhattan. Not only will my food be fresh, but I’ll feel good about helping local farmers with my hard earned cash money as well as feel pretty damn giddy about helping the environment. (Did I mention that most of the smaller local farms practice sustainable farming? Hooray!)