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Explosions in the Sky

Yesterday, I got to see Explosions in the Sky. They rocked it in Central Park. I was happy.

That’s the abridged version. The unabridged version goes as follows: I bought the tickets back in March and have been looking forward to it since. Turns out a couple of my coworkers were planning on going to the concert as well. Plans were made. Excitement ensued.

Well, the closer the concert got the more it became apparent we would have to cross our fingers for the rain to stop in NYC long enough for Explosions to go onstage. We left work while the rain struggled with the identity crisis unsure whether it should be light or a full-raged storm. After walking with umbrellas attached to our arms, we decided to stroll into a bar and wait for the rain to figure its purpose.

As you can see from the blurry photo above, we not only got to Summerstage in time for Explosions to come on stage, but the rain also let up and gave way to a beautiful night sky. Awesome.