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I know, I know. I haven’t posted a weekly weigh-in for quite a few weeks. But in the past few weeks I’ve neglected myself and therefore have had to deal with stress, a panic attack, stomach issues, etc. So let’s just leave it at I’ve learned my lesson and move on.

This week I weigh 148 lbs. Since I’m starting anew, I’m not going to count that as a loss or gain. I’ve taking up attempting to walk to and from work through Central Park daily (weather permitting of course). It’s awesome because since I’m so out of shape it’s burning anywhere from 300-500 calories each way per my Polar F6 heart rate monitor – thanks mom and dad – and it’s low impact which means my knee won’t throb in pain at the end of the workout. Or during the workout for that matter. I take a change of clothes in my backpack for work along with deodorant and my nifty Origins Ginger Gloss given to me from someone back in the day to smell nice for the coworkers.

Photo Credit: juliagriggshavey