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Walking is not enough.

Still at 150 lbs this week and it’s starting to annoy me. Yes, there are environmental factors that may be influencers – being on two flights in the past week being one of them. I can’t remember if it took a while for my metabolism to start up last year or not.

This year has been immensely frustrating on the physical activity front. Last year, as soon as the sun came out, I began running in Central Park and it was liberating. This year, I really wasn’t able to take advantage of the summer weather what with spraining my knee in May. Now I see that the sun has already started coming up later and setting earlier with the fervor of a teenager with a summer job. It feels like a final countdown. Now, I’d like to lose 20 lbs before the end of the year, but the change in seasons really frightens me seeing as when fall and winter set in, I go into full hibernation-and-cream-soups mode. Somehow I’ll need to avoid that this year.

Perhaps I need to start a diet more constricting that Weight Watchers? In any case, I’ve made a schedule of all the fitness classes offered at the Chelsea Gym. Starting Monday, I’m walking to work and taking a class in the evening. Hopefully that will make a difference.

Suggestions on all fronts?

*UPDATE* I just realized that I was 151 lbs so this week was actually a one pound loss. Woo! There’s hope once more!