Well life has been exciting with the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. I’m currently in Miami and although invitations were sent out about a month ago, it’s only now that I’m starting to see a clear vision of what Day 1 as a married gal will look like.

A few epiphanies have come out of this weekend. I’ve realized “keep it simple” is key when you want to make sure personal touches exist at your out of town budget wedding. Since I’m in NYC and getting married in my Miami hometown, it’s not like I’m going to work on the tiny details for the wedding in Manhattan to ship to Miami. So out with the Martha Stewart pompoms that will take hours I don’t have to make! In with the paper lanterns in all sorts of pretty shades. Out with the overcomplicated color scheme! In with yellows and oranges and pinks that will bring warmth to the wedding day, match my parent’s house color and look clean and modern.

Also, it seems as though I’ll be able to get a version of the really beautiful dress I saw on Style Me Pretty. Turns out one of the moms at my mom’s school knows a seamstress that used to make bridal dresses in her country. Score! Juliana Correa (Colombian designer) had told me that she couldn’t make me the dress because I was too far away. Well I’ll be back in Miami in two weeks ready to try the dress out and we’re going fabric shopping tomorrow.

Finally, this weekend I put together an online wedding registry on Wishpot.com. I couldn’t be happier with the interface and it gives so much freedom. No longer am I limited to one store for all of married life’s needs. I love that I can add Etsy items too. Oh and did I mention that the site allows you to add a widget to your wedding site? Just. plain. awesomeness.

Although it’s a real chore to have such a short timeline between the engagement and the wedding, I’m kind of glad we’re going this route. I couldn’t imagine being a bride trying to create a vision that won’t take place for another year. With my personality, that year would be spent in indecision followed by a short spurt of fast and poor decisions that I regret later on. At least this way, I just go with my gut and I won’t have time to think twice about whether or not that specific shade of yellow was appropriate.

Wedding – bring it on!