The most beautiful thing about people remains our ability to think differently and create different goals and dreams. During my high school graduation speech I mentioned that our graduating class held the minds of future doctors, actors, astronauts and more. I see it every day: different talents and ways of seeing life that leads to what we call everyday life – la vie quotidienne. We are the bees that make the hive called the Human Race.

The trick – the thing that’s really hard – is figuring out your certain set of skills, your way of interpreting the world. Every time I’ve ever taken a career aptitude test I’ve gotten opposing results. There’s one I distinctly remember. The results told me I should look into government jobs in institutions such as the CIA or FBI OR a creative job such as florist or painter. I suppose thinking creatively could work to excel in both industries, but there are clearly two distinct personalities that would be attracted to one over the other.

I deeply believe that you should try an make an impact on the world with your life. And impact doesn’t mean becoming Brangelina. It means impacting those around to the degree you can. Now, for someone that meant becoming the first Black president of the United States. To another it meant becoming an ESL high school social studies teacher in the Bronx. It varies for everyone. I’m still trying to find my way.

Anyway, this conversation isn’t really going anywhere. Just thinking aloud.