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Day one was awesome. Great people, great first “hero” lecture, one very apparent problem: the commute. My darling husband is currently freelancing so he drives me from the Gables to South Beach, but even without traffic it’s a 20 minute drive. Add Miami traffic to the mix and you just never know. We got stuck in traffic (accident-related) over the causeway to Miami Beach today and I was 20 minutes late to my very first official MAS class! I snuck in and settled into a chair I found in one of the classrooms. The speaker was great, but I’d rather not run into the sneaking in situation again. Oh and I may have forgotten to mention, but parking in South Beach is unbearable not to mention expensive, so another car to take over to class is out of the question.

In order to not have Gaius shuttle me back and forth as much, I’m considering two modes of transportation: Miami public transit or a scooter of some sort. I’d love to have one of those little mopeds that you see flying through European streets or a cute vintage Vespa.

I also love this Vespa commercial. {found here}

What do you think?

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