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So I meant to start another new tradition to my blog (links for weekend inspiration being the first one) for year twenty-ten called Bits of My Weekend (completely inspired by Kate Miss’s series) but instead spent most of my weekend behind the screen doing some Final Cut Pro practice for class. Never fear! I did find some little gems for you to play with.

AnalogColor allows you to add a vintage look to your digital photos. I think it adds a bit of character, which I personally enjoy.



I also discovered a nifty tool to get into the Polaroid craze without having to break the Ebay bank on a working Polaroid or its film: Poladroid!

Poladroid’s sole purpose is to take your digital image and make it look as though it was developed in a real Polaroid camera complete with frame and all. (Despite this discovery, I can’t help but keep eyeing the Fuji Instax after my cousin took the most adorable photo with hers at my wedding).

Here’s my poladroid photo:

I may be way behind on these discoveries, but I’m really loving them and wanted to share. Meanwhile, my SLR wait continues… one day, I will own one.