Hello lovelies, I do hope your week went swimmingly. Are you excited about the weekend as I am? I can’t wait! I plan on catching some rays and brainstorming on a D&AD competition brief. Here are some things to distract you from work and lead you into weekend mode.

See the process of making a lamp.

I love potluck parties so it makes me so happy to see one of my favorite personal finance blogs embrace the potluck.

Gaius and I will be moving into our new apartment in February so I was delighted when Young House Love posted their “go-to” list.

Mmmm, cheese.

Who can say no to cystral knuckles?! (by Debra Baxter)

Steps on creating a paperless kitchen.

Tips on steamer storage.

This typography 2009 roundup is so. me. Does anyone want to give me ₤2,000 so I can have Trilogy?

My dream sheets. Falling asleep in these would be so sweet.