Lovelies, I hope you had a wonderful week and have awesome weekend plans. Gaius and I will be working on moving out of our current teeny apartment and into our permanent residence in Miami. Hooray! I’ll also be dutifully executing my Bad Words submission for the show next week (get excited). I love Geninne’s watercolor work and the one above just makes me think of nights of chill fun with friends. As usual, some links to distract you while you sit at work dreaming of sunny days and time off. What are your plans for the weekend?

The Society of Typographic Aficionados has created a Font Aid IV, a typographic collaborative effort  consisting entirely of ampersands in order to create a font whose proceeds will go to Doctors without Borders and their aid in Haiti.

Design studio Plural put together the most ephemeral, humanistic grouping of the alphabet. Love.

Music mix by Urban Outfitters is out and free for download. Your ears will thank you.

Knots are cool.

Kindred Spirits brought to you by Etsy. A new favorite post from the Etsy blog.

Genine has a romantic lovebird watercolor and it’s been on TV!

Looking for another French Girl To Worship? Look no further.

My Photoshop homework. Meet the Browl: body of a bear with wings and eyes as sharp as the owl.

Johanna Basford is my favorite right now. You’ll never get bored with her Twitter picture as your wallpaper.