I am so excited to be back in NYC if only for a weekend. This photo is by one of my favorite bloggersJenna, the designer half of Whimsy & Spice. Here’s to friends, my first art show and real winter (brrr)!

I want to go to there.

I really enjoy the idea of entertainment while I wait for my eggs to boil.

A cynical (yet hilarious) look into unhappy hipsters. Who writes the captions for these photos is amazing!

If I lived in NYC still, I would j u m p on these flower arranging classes by Saipua (do you see the cherry blossoms class? oh my, you could just go into central park and swoop some up. and ranunculus… they’re my fav!)

Ah! Cute cloud marshmallows! I don’t like marshmallows outside of being the crust on top of sweet potatoes (and ohsoslightly burnt), but I’d have to make an exception for these.

What beautiful things to say about the one you love (may have to do this for my Gaius on his day)

For those of you living in Miami, here are fabulous food events that are happening in February.