Whew! My health is coming back to me and hopefully I will be back on track with class and work sooner rather than later.

Don’t you love that photo? Turns out the New York Public Library system has a flickr account with all sorts of beautiful goodies.

Do you have any romantic plans this weekend? Valentine’s is happening on Sunday. Very unromantically, Gaius and I have made no plans. I think we’ll be focusing on unpacking and organizing as usual (I really want to make our own tables and our own bookcases… we’ll see timewise).


I really want to start making my own bread in just five minutes.

And on that note, I’d also love to start making my own pasta.

Ooo, batik shoes. I think these are my favorite.

Fill out a survey and chance a win for a happy Kate Spade bag (this one’s time sensitive, if you’re reading this on Friday, then click now!).

Valentine’s Day is Sunday. Say how you feel with breakfast in bed.

I would spend all my time in this romper and this cardigan-hoodie.

I don’t know why, but I’m kind of into this cactus.

Awesome book covers.

I think I may give myself (and Gaius) a meat budget.

The colors in this post have made my day.

Some of the ampersands through FontAid IV are up and they’re quite, quite lovely.

Although I don’t miss real winter, I do miss snow and these photos of a snow day in NYC this week make me wish I was there.

Speaking of NYC, if you’re there now, I do suggest stopping by Lep Fitzpatrick’s show opening this Saturday if only for the genius that is its flyer. Oh and the actual artwork looks promising too.