1. I love this photo by miss ashley anne

2. I am so excited for seeing Jay-Z in concert this weekend

3. Well… that’s all I’ve got for now. Time for distractions!

Please read this Ode to Freckles and Other “Flaws”. All true.

Tee hee, the truth about how genetics work.

Kitchen towel aha! moment.

Cats never do as you want them to during photoshoots.

Must. Make. Rosette. Headband.

More and more knots.

Produce hacks guide.

I love that someone organized a Valentine’s Day swap. What a lovely idea. I hope to participate next year (or maybe organize a little one of my own – ahem ahem).

My friend Emily makes a gorgeous case on taking the Universe on and never looking back.

She makes a dress a day and day 82 has to be one of my favs as of yet!