{amazing photography by Ekler}

My loves, it’s Friday and the weekend’s officially here. What are you up to this lovely weekend? Traipsing along the sidewalks of your town?

I’m hunkering down and working on my projects for school. Last week of the quarter and everyone’s in a sleep-deprived daze, running on that fifth wind of adrenaline and pure ambition. Ready. Set. Go.

The Interwebs helped him find the NY girl of his dreams. The rest of the story is up to you.

I want a pet cheetah.

A fly-looking guy can swoon the ladies and maintain his manliness. Proof.

An at-home breakfast (ontherun) option: pumpkin coconut raisin muffins.

Will someone please send me to typography summer school when I’m done with Miami Ad School?

I love this idea to send friends home with a piece of the evening when you throw a dinner party.

Obama feigning interest in mudane things made me laugh. The captions are what make it.

A video tutorial on how to properly chop with your kitchen knife.

Oh! oh! If you’re in NYC and into the arts and have somewhere between $35 and $120 in your pocket then attend the first ever Social Media Art Camp. I wish I could go…

If you’re like me and a wannabe foodie, here are the top 10 mispronounced words on menus (and how to pronounce them correctly, of course).