My sweets, what are you up to this weekend? I am hustling during the last weekend before classes officially end (for winter quarter). Videos and comps, here I come.

The illustration above is by Kate Bingham-Burt (author of Obsessive Consumption). I’d love to have a deal like Kate’s work out for me. That camera is rad.

For the locals, here are some Miami food events happening in March.

Why people favor Ginger Ale as their on-flight drink.

Don’t quit your day job to be a full-time artist.

Behind the scenes at JCrew.

DIY airplant chandelier.

Twenty funny ice skating faces made me laugh! {thanks Amber!}

Six places to buy affordable art.

Beet hummus has such a lively, joyous color. Must try it one of these days.

A pick-me-up of dogs and pups here, here, here and here.

Nothing can go wrong with some Academy award sugar cookies.

Portable hot tub? Yes, please.