My friend Jiorji recently tagged me in a game that’s been making its way in the blogosphere. The object: to write about 10 things that make you happy and/or inspire you.

Here are my 10 things:

10. City skylines leave me in awe. My favorite one was while I lived in NYC. I would run in Central Park in the morning and peer up at the midtown skyline from the water reservoir, watching the rays bring out the sparkle in the buildings. I felt as though I was watching Manhattan wake up when that happened.

9. Bodies of water (especially the beach) are always an inspiring place for me. It is at once so calming and brimming with life.

8. Clouds and fog take my breath away.

7. Photos of any sort can not only document so that when memory fails we can always look back, but they also bring back memories, emotions and senses of all sorts.

6. Crafty people. I find a lot of my inspiration via crafters who blog. Their ability to see a dress when you and I see a piece of fabric never ceases to bring wonder to my eyes.

5. Homemade foods. With this one I mean it on multiple levels: homey meals, homey farms, homes with edible gardens, you get the idea.

4. Travel allows me to explore and remember why life is always worth living.

3. Books take me to faraway lands and new realms of thinking. Paradigm shifts are a powerful thing indeed.

2. Family has always been an integral part of my life. Even when you don’t want them there, they’re there… and they love you… and you love them back.

1. Gaius – my one true Loverman. Corny, I know but I do love this man so very, very much.

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