{photo by Domain Barnyard}

What’s on your nightstand? (my newest obsession)

Bill on school lunches gets scaled back, while criticism keeps on rising.

Speaking of school lunches, have you watched Food Revolution yet? It’s awesome.

Bruce Lee plays ping pong.

I’d wake up to you, alarm clock, because you’re just so pretty.

Personal pizza party: what a fun idea.

Mural walls in homes rock my world.

Penguins and mushrooms in the same room? This is a home I could live in.

Weck jars and a white pen are all you need to spruce up your kitchen.

French napkins.

Inspiring dress transformation? Check. I desperately need a sewing machine.

This Spring’s color is persimmon!

The local food movement is gaining, but there aren’t enough slaughterhouses to go around.

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.