Inspired by Chelsea Fuss of {frolic!}, I’ve accepted the fact that I am not only addicted to blogs, but also wanting to share my constant new finds (as well as old favorites). I plan to post my favorites every so often (weekly? biweekly? hopefully a pattern will emerge over time).

This week’s blog finds revolve around my latest obsession: bike riding.

Let’s Go Ride A Bike is a thoughtful blog written by two women in two cities. Trisha in Nashville and Dottie in Chicago strive to get people onto their bikes, especially women. These women are my inspiration! They post interesting, relevant articles and have me seriously thinking about commuting from Coral Gables to South Beach (about 11 miles each way).

Commuter By Bike is an awesome reference for folks interested in… using their… bicycles… to commute. (hello? did you not read the name of the blog?!) I like it’s no-nonsense attitude and beginner commuter reference section.

More blogs here.