Not quite sure what I’ll be doing this weekend, actually. Any ideas? Suggestions?

I’m helping out with a shoot of a zombie psa my friends are doing on Sunday.

Perhaps I’ll stay in a dreamlike state much like in this photograph for the rest of the time.

{photo by .: Philipp Klinger :.}

For the locals, there is a learning luncheon at Paradise Farms tomorrow.

Tina Fey on Letterman.

Be still my heart! Cynthia Vincent for Target? I’m saving my pennies now for the printed flats and wedges.

Loving the series “Where We Blog From” from Ill Seen, Ill Said.

Can’t get enough of this hand-dyed necklace by Erin Considine.

A whimsical tea-fort birthday for Ili. What an ephemeral idea.

Earth Day Cosa Verde contest on Modish. Tons of wonderful things being given out to winners.

How to make a panini without a sandwich press.

Oh my! Things you thought you could recycle but you can’t.