This weekend was all about going to the beach and doing my homework: painting with light.

We went to Ocean Drive and took shots of buildings for practice. Since we were a rather large group, people could not resist coming up to us and asking what famous person was in the building we were shooting. So, we looked like paparazzi. Ok.

Sometimes we’d play along:

us: “Oh, Angelina Jolie is in there, we’re just waiting for her to get out.”

them (in this case an older woman with bleach blond hair and leather skin who clearly came to South Beach in her twenties and forgot to leave): “No way. Angelina would never go there. Is it Kim [Kardashian]? Is it Kourtney [Kardashian]?” contemplates while my friend stares at her with incredulity. “Nah, this isn’t their kind of place.”

Despite drawing her own conclusions, that woman walked away about 20 paces and stood around for a bit waiting patiently for the Kardashian sisters to come out.

Meanwhile, as we continue our trek of building picture-taking down Ocean Drive lo and behold some famous “stars” from The Jersey Shore walk by while being filmed. Clearly I knew something was up since it’s not quite the norm (yet) for Miami people to walk around Ocean Drive with a three-person crew walking backwards in front of them while they clearly aren’t saying anything of interest. I was less that 5 feet away from Snookie!! If I only knew who that was. Now give me Tine Fey walking with a three-man crew and then we’d talk excitement.

After we were down with Ocean Drive, we headed over to the beach to play with light.

So much fun being out until 3am with friends by the water taking photos. And yes, the fire shots are my favorite.

It feels great to be silly sometimes.