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My not-so secret retirement plan is to start a café.

It would be a café that was friendly, open to everyone and anyone. A cafe that has free wifi and lots of outlets. A café with lots of pretty things and a rustic feel.

My café would serve whatever I made that day, namely lunch foods: quiche, salads, light soups, you get the idea.

My café would have a cheesemonger.. A cheese bar is absolutely necessary for those of us in love with all things dairy.

And as you know, you simply can’t have cheese without wine and beer (or bourbon, apparently). Clearly. Note to self, a liquor license will be in order.

The other thing you can’t have live without when you’ve got cheese is bread. Yes, people. In a world without limitations, I would want to have a bakery in my café. Nothing big, just the assurance of having freshly baked bread and other delicious carb goods available.

And last but not least, my café would sell magazines and newspapers and little pocket books (you know, novels to read on the train or take to the beach).

Now, how to open this café while also living out my dream of living six months in Miami and six months in NYC?

What are some of your fantasy jobs?

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